Membership is open to all arts organizations, practicing artists and individuals that support the SAA’s mandate.

Membership Type

Voting Membership - $50.00

Open to:

  1. Incorporated non-profit organizations or institutions whose primary role is art creation, presentation and/or education; and/or
  2. member-driven associations that represent the interests of artists.

The voting members of the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance must be based in Saskatchewan or be a Saskatchewan branch of a national or international organizations.

Your expiry date will be May 31, 2023

New memberships must be approved by SAA's Board of Directors. Any membership not approved will receive a full refund. Check the membership category that applies to you. SAA memberships run for one year, June 1st to May 31st.

Associate Membership (Non-voting) - $25.00

Associate membership is for individuals or organizations not eligible for voting membership that share the goals and purposes of the SAA.

Membership Information

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For Voting Memberships Only
Please provide us with your president's direct contact information:

Electronic Communications Subscription

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Website Listing (Voting Membership Only)

Member organization names and a link to their websites are posted on the SAA website. Please check this box if you do not wish to have your organization listed on our website.

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Payment Method


Please make cheques payable to Saskatchewan Arts Alliance.

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