Who We Are

The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance (SAA) is a non-profit coalition of arts organizations that provides a collective voice for the arts in Saskatchewan. Established in 1984, SAA advocates on issues such as public funding of the arts, freedom of expression and artists' working conditions. SAA promotes the lively existence and continued growth of the arts and cultural industries in Saskatchewan through:

  • advocating healthy levels of public and private support
  • encouraging public acknowledgement of the arts
  • encouraging and assisting in the development of arts education
  • providing information related to the arts
  • providing a forum for issues affecting the arts and cultural industries.
Our Mission + Vision

Our Mission: The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance seeks to strengthen, support and advance the arts and cultural industries in Saskatchewan through proactive leadership, advocacy, public education, research and policy development.

Our Vision: Saskatchewan arts and artists are supported and valued as essential to a complete and healthy society.

Our Structure

Our Structure: SAA provides representation of all the major arts disciplines. The reach of the SAA, through its membership, extends to individuals located in all parts of the province, including urban, rural and northern areas, enabling SAA to be representative of artists and arts organizations throughout Saskatchewan. The SAA is governed by a board of directors elected from its members.

Our Core Services

The SAA’s Core Services include community forums, arts planning and development, interagency planning and development, representation, and advocacy. In addition to these core services, the SAA develops projects in response to current needs of, and in consultation with, the arts community. These projects vary from year to year and depend upon supplementary funding.