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Saskatchewan Arts Board

The Saskatchewan Arts Board serves the people of Saskatchewan through programs, services and partnerships designed to build a strong and vibrant arts sector. Its main goals are:

  • Accessibility – To have an environment for the arts in Saskatchewan that creates access, choice and engagement for artists, citizens and diverse communities.
  • Sustainability and Growth - The arts are supported by a healthy mix of public and private funding and partnerships that ensure that the Saskatchewan arts community is sustainable and artists can make a living in the province.
  • Awareness and Acceptance - The arts are valued and appreciated as an essential part of our lives.
  • Development and Life-long Learning - The arts, individuals and Saskatchewan communities are strengthened through life-long learning in and through the arts.

Established more than 60 years ago, the Arts Board is the first agency of its kind in North America. In the decades since then, it has continued as a leader in the country, and builds on this strong tradition to meet ongoing opportunities for public investment in the arts community.


SaskCulture Inc. is a relatively new organization, yet its origins go back to a time when the cultural community in Saskatchewan was searching for ways to work together and secure additional funding sources. 
Back in 1980, the Saskatchewan Council of Cultural Organizations (SCCO) was formed as the first umbrella organization for culture in the