Our Mandate

The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance (SAA) is an inclusive, member-driven coalition of arts organizations that provides a collective voice for the arts community of Saskatchewan.


SAA advocacy promotes the establishment of arts policies and supports measures that foster a healthy environment for artists and the arts. Advocacy efforts include working towards recognition by government and the public of the importance of arts and the protection of artist rights and freedoms. SAA works with government and non-government organizations that support and encourage the arts. SAA supports its members advocacy efforts by providing information, research and analysis, as well as professional development opportiunites.

Arts Planning + Development

SAA organizes arts community meetings to discuss issues and develop plans of action. These meetings provide an opportunity for the entire arts community to pool resources, both human and financial, reducing the burden on individual organizations. The meetings also provide the community with information on SAA activities, including interagency discussions. 

The SAA also assists government and its agencies in the development of visions, priorities, and goals. Through SAA initiatives, government and its agencies have access to a collective community voice.

Community Forum + Outreach

SAA consults with the arts community to develop goals and then articulates those goals to government, business and the general public. Consultation occurs via SAA communication services and community meetings. We hold these community meetings in various parts of the province. No place is too large or too small. If you are interested in having SAA come to your community, please let us know.