Our Events

The Sasktchewan Arts Alliance holds a number of events throughout the year. 

2018 Arts Congress: Making Art in Dangerous

This year’s Arts Congress featured over 100 delegates and presenters. The two day event inspired engaging dialogue between artists, arts administrators, researchers, and more. The connecting theme throughout the Congress was that of Reconciliation and Decolonialization.

Couldn’t make the 2018 Arts Congress? Listen to the keynote speaker Andrew Hunter


The 2016 Arts Congress marked 30 years for the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance. To celebrate, the Congress hosted over a hundred local, federal, and international artists, arts administrators, economists, researchers, and much more!

Couldn’t make the 2016 Arts Congress? Listen to the keynote speakers including Simon Brault, Director and CEO of the Canada Council for the Arts; John Holden, cultural expert from the UK who has written extensively on the value of culture and its relationship to society; and Tracey Lindberg, award-winning academic writer and teacher of Indigenous studies and law as well as the author of Birdie recently shortlisted for Canada Reads. The podcasts can be found below:

John Holden:

Tracey Lindberg:

Simon Brault:

Couldn’t make the 2014 Arts Congress? Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the keynote speakers explore topics of love, hope, and creating art in the ashes.

Alanna Mitchell inspired both tears and laughter from the audience at the 2014 Arts Congress with her emotional journey that took her from the bottom of the ocean and onto the stage. 


Michael Greyeyes discussed conflict as intensely creative, like fire it burns away all that is unnecessary. 

Carolyn Warren, Vice-President, Arts, of the Banff Centre, shared her thoughts on creativity, the arts, and resilience in regards to rejuvenation. 

This event is a great opportunity to network with other artists and arts organizations. It is also an opportunity to express your thoughts on the issues that matter most to help our Board of Directors shape our future initiatives.