Artist Registry

Artist Registry

As part of the Arts Ecology research project, SAA is compiling a list of adult artists (18 years and over) that reside in Saskatchewan. The registry will be kept confidential, for SAA arts research purposes only. People might be contacted to participate in one of our research projects.

If you are an artist – avocational or professional – living in Saskatchewan, we invite you to sign up for the Artist Registry and help us with our research projects. SAA believes that research on the Saskatchewan arts sector is important to helping us advance the arts in Saskatchewan.

By registering your name, you will help strengthen our work.

Current Research Project

Fine Arts and Arts Education Resources at Saskatchewan Universities 

In November, the SAA research was profiled at the 2015 Community Research Showcase, organized by the University of Regina’s Community Research Unit (CRU), in partnership with Heritage Saskatchewan. SAA presented data from Fine Arts Resources at Saskatchewan Universities: An Analysis of Trends 1995-2013 by Paul Gingrich. Read the full report here.

Saskatchewan’s Plan for Growth: Vision 2020 and Beyond places a high priority on innovation and suggests that “Saskatchewan’s future economic success will depend increasingly on knowledge and innovation.” The  SAA and its PreK-12 arts literacy research sub-committee commissioned innovation expert C. Brooke Dobni to write a position paper exploring the relationship between arts education and innovation (Achieving Growth through Innovation: The Role of Arts Education in Supporting Economic Sustainability). Read the full report here.

Saskatchewan's Arts Ecology

Saskatchewan Partnership for Arts Research (SPAR)

SAA continues to be an active partner in the Saskatchewan Partnership for Arts Research (SPAR) and the Understanding the Arts Ecology of Saskatchewan research project.

SPAR reports, publications, and presentations are available at the SPAR website's Reports and Resources page: 

Reports on SPAR Artist Survey Data, No. 3: Indigenous Respondents (released August 2015); 
Reports on SPAR Artist Survey Data, No. 4: Respondents by Age (released May 2016); and 
Reports on SPAR Artist Survey Data, No. 5: Respondents by Location (Regina, Saskatoon, and All Other Locations) (released May 2016). Reports 4 and 5 were released at the 2016 Arts Congress.
As the SPAR project completes its final year, a new research project is underway – the Prairie Partnership for Arts Research (PPAR) – which has the potential to expand the SPAR’s Arts Ecology research into all three Prairie Provinces. SAA contributed to the Letter-of-Intent application process in pursuit of a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) partnership grant ($2.5 million over 7 years). SAA’s Executive Director was identified as the Convener of the project’s Saskatchewan Advisory Council.