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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Lasting Effects of Artist-Teacher Partnerships on Former Students of Broadview School

SAA Research 2018

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In 2004, Broadview School began a six-year journey with ArtsSmarts Saskatchewan*, a grant program that provided money for teachers to partner with professional artists in the classroom. Under the guidance of teacher Debbie Pearson, the school worked with Saskatchewan artists on projects in theatre, film, dance, hip hop, spoken word, and visual art. It has been 10 years since most of the students involved graduated from high school. This research aimed to discover whether the former students still think about the projects, and if so, how they think their participation might have affected their adult lives. Read the full report here.

A Research Paper Commissioned by the Saskatchewan Arts Alliance and prepared by Dianne Warren, December, 2018.

*The Saskatchewan Arts Board still offers the ArtsSmarts program now called Artists in Schools.