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Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Flare Stack and the Dragon

The Flare Stack and the Dragonby Nathan MaderI moved to Kyoto from Regina to take care of my spiritual and psychological health while broadening my knowledge of Japanese culture and history. As someone who tries to make poems, I also wanted to expand the creative potential of my art. And to some extent it’s easy feel as though I’ve escaped myself: I can just walk up the street and stare into the eyes of the dragon painted on the ceiling of Bishamon-do, a Zen temple founded in 703 A.D

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The Creative Power of Photographic Art: Finding My Passion

Art is the most valued thing in the world...it is the expression of the highest form of human energy, the creative power nearest to the divine. The power is within - the question is how to reach it.Arthur Wesley Dow​It’s the creative power of photographic art that gives us energy. Nellie Schnell, who I photographed, says that when she and her husband moved to St. Walberg, SK., she met people of many different ethnic backgrounds. As she got to know these people Nellie said “I f

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