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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Universities and Artists: The Funding Games

In October of 2016, I graduated from my Masters of Fine Arts in Writing at the University of Saskatchewan. At our graduation, I stood backstage with my MFA friends. Lined up next to us were the Masters of Accounting graduates, in almost uniform glossy heals and dress shoes, pencil skirts and suit pants under the Masters robes. That morning, I had made token attempts to get my curly hair to stop frizzing, but gave up in the end. My friend leaned forward and whispered, “They don’t look

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Art for the Heart Supports Emotional Healing

“Art changes people and people change the world” – John ButlerWhen I first came to work with Family Service Regina I took an immediate interest in their Art for the Heart program. The program is dedicated to supporting those in our community who are in need of emotional healing due to domestic violence or other emotional trauma. Art for the Heart grew out of a previous program held at Family Service Regina called “Expression Nights.” Expression Nights were a monthly

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