The Numbers

Saskatchewan Arts and Artists at Work

The Saskatchewan Partnership for Arts Research (SPAR) Survey of Saskatchewan Artists found that: 

Saskatchewan Artists get paid for their work:

  • 96.8% of Artists surveyed received income from their creative work.

But most don’t get paid much

  • Artists average reported income from creative work approximately $15,000
  • 42.5% of Artists surveyed earned under $5,000/yr. from creative work
  • Less than 10% of Artists surveyed reported earnings of more than $40,000/yr. from their creative work.

Saskatchewan Artists work outside their art practice:

  • 55.3% of Artists surveyed reported earning income from employment outside the arts and culture.

Saskatchewan Artists work long hours:

  • Average Artist respondents’ Work Week = 48.5 hrs
    • creative practice = 24.5 hrs/wk
    • teaching or mentorship = 8 hrs/wk
    • working outside the arts = 16 hrs/wk
    • (Average Saskatchewan Work Week = 38.8 hours
  • Artists are entrepreneurs: 50% of Saskatchewan's artists are self-employed, compared with just 14% of the overall provincial labour force.​
  • Saskatchewan artists' incomes decreased 1% between 1989 to 2013 vs. a 17% increase in overall labour force.
  • The total individual income of Saskatchewan's artists averages $28,400... 40% lower than the overall labour force average ($47,000). Cultural workers have average individual incomes of $41,500 (12% less than the overall labour force).
  • In Saskatchewan, the average employment income of artists is $22,800, compared with $43,700 for the overall labour force, a difference of 48%. Cultural workers' average earnings ($37,900) are 13% lower than the average earnings of the overall labour force ($43,700).