Success Stories

Success Story Overview.

CARFAC v.s. the National Gallery of Canada

Negotiations with the National Gallery of Canada

CARFAC and RAAV have been negotiating a scale agreement with the National Gallery of Canada for nine years. Negotiations broke down in 2007 when the gallery suddenly refused to discuss fees paid to artists for the exhibition and reproduction of their work. CARFAC and RAAV filed a complaint against the gallery to show the gallery that artists will not allow for this kind of attitude any longer. Learn more.


Half of visual artists in Canada earn less than $8000/year. Most artists want to have their work in the National Gallery – and there is a lot of pressure to give away their rights. Setting binding minimum fees would relieve that pressure and ensure that all artists who work with the National Gallery are treated fairly. Artists would still be free to negotiate higher rates. Details on this case can be found here.

Friends of the Regina Public Library

In November 2003, the Regina Public Library Board announced the closure of Glen Elm, Connaught and Prince of Wales Branches, plus the Prairie History Room and the Dunlop Art Gallery. Friends of the Regina Public Library was formed to galvanize Regina residents to keep these facilities open. On March 5, 2004 a petition of over 26,000 signatures was presented to City Council.

On April 26, 2004 City Council voted for the funding to keep these important library services open. For more information.

Harry Potter Alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) utilizes the fans of Harry Potter to change the world by making activism accessible through the power of story. Since 2005, the organization has engaged millions of fans through their work for equality, human rights, and literacy.

To date, the HPA has sent five cargo planes of relief supplies to Haiti, donated 90,000 books to needy communities and schools across the world, and has made strides in advocating for human rights, LGBTQ equality, media reform and net neutrality. More information can be found on the HPA website.

Reclaim the Streets & Turn Them Into Gardens

In 1999, then-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani announced he would auction off 198 community gardens in a massive giveaway to corporate developers. Community members organized a “festival of resistance” or a carnival-protest to "reclaim the streets and turn them into gardens."

The “streets into gardens” action viscerally demonstrated what would be lost were Giuliani to succeed in paving over the community gardens of New York City. By taking the city’s position on gardens (pave them over) and inverting that logic in the streets (play on the pavement), organizers were able to reveal the outrageous injustice of the auction itself while simultaneously embodying the world they were fighting to preserve. Lastly, the action was able to draw in passersby and turn them into participants because it was bold, innovative, daring, and most of all, fun!

PACE I Love Alberta Art Campaign

PACE Arts Advocacy Campaign - I love Alberta ArtThe campaign started in response to very credible rumours you have no doubt already heard yourself – that our provincial government is seriously contemplating further cuts to the arts and culture sector in Alberta. 

The goal was to work in a concerted fashion to influence the government and people of Alberta that further cuts to Alberta’s arts and culture sector would hurt the entire province.