Saskatchewan Partnership for Arts Research (SPAR)

The Saskatchewan Partnership for Arts Research (SPAR) studies the arts ecology of Saskatchewan and intends to support evidence-based programming and policies that will benefit artists and their communities. The SAA is a SPAR Partner with Saskatchewan Arts Board, SaskCulture and University of Regina

SPAR completed two sucessful online surveys of Saskatchewan artists and the general public in 2014.

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Arts Literacy Research

SAA arts literacy research focused on:

The relationship between arts education and innovation in grades pre-K to 12: SAA commissioned Dr. C. Brooke Dobni, PhD to write a background paper – Achieving Growth through Innovation: The Role of Arts Education in Supporting Economic Sustainability – which addresses the role of innovation and its relationship to creativity and arts education.

Post-secondary spending on fine arts programs: SAA contracted Paul Gingrich to study spending at the University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan which resulted in the paper Fine Arts Resources at Saskatchewan Universities: An Analysis of Trends 1995-2013

Membership Consultation

SAA conducts consultations with the member organizations to understand the issues or pressures members might be experiencing related to delivering programming and the impact of their programming on provincial government priorities.

Member Consultations 2014

Feedback is welcome. Members’ input helps shape our advocacy and advocacy resources.

Contact Ian McWilliams, Research Officer, Saskatchewan Arts Alliance;; (306) 780-9385.