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Speak-Up this Election

This year’s provincial election is on Monday, April 4th. The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance is sending questionnaires to the political parties asking about their plans for the arts and creative industry sector. Speak Up This Election

The Saskatchewan Party and NDP have responded to these questions. Read their responses here: 

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The following are projections for the Saskatchewan election scheduled for April 4, 2016. These numbers were last updated on Feb. 16, 2016, and reflect the best estimates as of Feb. 11, 2016, the last day of polls included in the model. View projections.

Vote and seat projections by Éric Grenier for the election scheduled for April 4, 2016, CBC.

Party Platforms

Three parties are running full slates of 61 candidates, the Saskatchewan Party, New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan, and the Saskatchewan Liberal Party.

Arts and Culture in Party Platforms:

Saskatchewan Party Platform: Under “Growing Active Vibrant Communities, Investing in Parks and Promoting Tourism”

“Funding for arts and culture has increased by 43% over the past eight years. This includes:

  • Creative Saskatchewan – Nearly $21 million has been provided to the agency since its creation.
  • Mainstreet Saskatchewan – $550,000 per year ($2.4 million in total) for improvements to mainstreets in 15 communities” (p27).

New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan PlatformUnder “Diversify and strengthen our economy”

“We will rebuild our film industry with a Film Employment Tax Credit. And promote other cultural industries, with a 50% increase in funding” (p15).

Saskatchewan Liberal Party PlatformUnder “Building a Strong and Diversified Economy”

“Reinstate the Film Tax Credit – We will restore and enhance the film employment tax credit eliminated by the current government to start rebuilding the film industry in the province. The specifics of a reinstated tax credit will be determined through consultation with the film and video production industry” (p5).

The Green Party of Saskatchewan is running a slate of 58 candidates

Green Party of Saskatchewan Platform: Under “Sustainability and Jobs”

Film Tax Credit – Our government will restore the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit which was abolished by the current government. Restoring this tax credit will allow for hundreds of film-related jobs to be created in our province.”

Find out more about major party platforms from their own websties: 

Make Sure You Are Registered to Vote!

Elections SK: Are your registered to Vote?Spread the word about voter registration. To vote, you need to be registered. Most eligible voters in Saskatchewan received a letter in the mail in June 2015 with their voter information. If your information was correct, you're ready to vote. You are registered. No action required. 

**March 22 is the deadline to get on the voters list and to update your own information. On March 23, you can only register in person at your local constituency returning office. If you're not on the list after March 23, you can still vote by registering in person at advance voting, March 29 to April 2, or on election day, April 4.