Everyone Benefits from The Arts

The arts make a difference in all our lives:

  • improve quality of life
  • create stronger communities
  • help people feel a sense of belonging and involvement
  • create a forum for intercultural understanding and friendship​ (1)

The Numbers:

The Arts matter to Saskatchewan people. A 2017 study for the Canada Council and Canadian Heritage found that:

They show up:

  • “92% of Saskatchewan people attended live performances/arts events last year – highest rate in Canada”, as it was in 2012
  • “Over 2/3 of Saskatchewan people attended an arts or cultural festival in their local community last year – highest in Canada.”

They participate:

  • 65% of Saskatchewan people have been personally involved in artistic activity in the past year. It’s the highest rate in Canada (overall Canadian rate = 53%).

Nationally, Canadians widely agree that arts and heritage are beneficial to local communities:

  • Almost all Canadians agree (95%, including 62% who strongly agree) that the arts make communities a better place to live.
  • A strong majority also agree (80%, including 33% who strongly agree) that arts and heritage experiences help them feel part of their local community.” (2)

Canadians support the arts. In a 2015 study for Business for the Arts:

Over 80% said the following are good reasons for supporting the arts:

  • The arts enhance creativity and innovation
  • Arts education can assist children at risk in channeling their energies in a more productive direction
  • Arts education assists in the emotional and intellectual development of children
  • The arts help people understand other cultures
  • The arts can contribute to personal well being (3)

Over 70% agreed that good reasons for supporting the arts also included:

  • Communities with an active arts scene tend to be vibrant places to live and work
  • Arts activities help reduce youth alienation and crime
  • The arts can deepen emotional experience
  • Participation in the arts can lead to enhanced self awareness
  • The arts promote understanding and tolerance
  • The arts contribute to deepening personal awareness
  • The arts have the potential to contribute to the economic wellbeing of the community (3)

Arts Access: Good for People and Communities

Canadians believe that the performing arts benefit their communities, whether or not they attend (according to a 2012 EKOS/CAPACOA survey). In fact, the less likely Canadians are to attend, the more they believe that the performing arts benefit their communities rather than only individuals attending.(4)

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