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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

May Bulletin

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SAA News
This year our Community Forum and AGM is in Saskatoon, and we have set a date for Sept. 21st. We'll keep you updated throughout the summer. 

Read the latest Arts Work article: PAVED Arts
SAA's Arts Work series highlights an arts organization making a positive impact in its community. Dave Margoshes had the chance to visit PAVED Arts and talk with Executive Director Travis Cole and Artistic Director David LaRiviere about the space, their exhibits, and their focus on decolonization. Enjoy the article here

What We’ve Been Reading…

While researching at the SAA, we discover a lot of interesting information and we like to share some of it with you:

  • Although this article is old, it might still be of interest. Cultural Human Resources Study 2010: Human Resources Trends and Issues Report highlights that many cultural organizations have unique workforces and employer bases, which is why human resources are an important factor for any sort of employer. However, HR is rarely discussed in depth. The efforts of human resources are often a lower priority within cultural organizations, and as is often the case, those duties fall on the shoulders of one person. According to this study, human resource topics include areas such as: hiring, recruitment, compensation/benefits, and training/skill development amongst many others. This article is particularly interesting for anyone who manages or leads a cultural organization.
  • Through a collaborative research inquiry, the National Endowment for the Arts looked at understanding the impact of the arts in American life, the dynamic and complex system of the arts network, and its contributions to society. They consider that both creation and participation in the arts contribute to society both on an individual level (through improved personal wellness; increase in creativity and innovation), and a community/societal level (economic development; increased in creative and innovative ideas). The authors highlight that ultimately this system is fed from the human impulse to create and express. This research report is ultimately created for the use of researchers looking to develop research in the arts. However, the system map can be very useful for illustrating the value of the arts within society.


As I'm sure you know, the CRA has changed their charity policies. I went to an Advocacy workshop hosted by Peter Gilmer and Lynda Gidluck, where I learned that this change is a historical and a paradigm shift for ADVOCACY...I mean "education". With these changes, there have been information sessions set-up across the country, including two in Regina and two in Saskatoon -- an English and a French session in each city. Click here for more information.

Saskatoon is hosting the 2019 Creative City Summit, organized by the Creative City Network of Canada (CCNC). This year's theme and title is "Growing the Creative Cultural Economy for 21st Century Cities". CCNC is a non-profit made of municipalities, arts orgs, and individuals and their focus is to facilitate knowledge sharing among cultural policy makers, planners, and researchers. If you're interested to attend register while the early bird price is still available. 

Recently, the Canada Council Director and CEO Simon Brault appeared before the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage to brief them on the Canada Council. The MPs questions covered a range of topics including regional balance, funding and mandate. If you are interested you can read the transcripts here: March 21, 2019 and May 16, 2019. The next meeting is June 4, 2019.

I just read that PAVED arts and Sum Theatre are looking for board members, but you might be thinking: how did you learn that? Through boardlink, of course! Organized by Business and the Arts, boardlink is a platform where arts organizations post call outs for board members. As the organization's name implies, Business/Arts facilitates connection between business professionals and arts organizations, which is a valuable goal that works towards improving arts ecologies. Don't forget to bookmark the boardlink site. 

The Canada Council for the Arts is hosting an information session in Regina for their Digital Strategy Fund. The Mackenzie Art Gallery is hosting the session on June 25th from 2:30-5:30 PM. The mandate of the fund is to "Stimulate the digital transformation of the arts sector in Canada". The CCA also says that "The Digital Strategy Fund encourages an overall approach that helps support Canadian artists, groups and arts organizations in understanding the digital world, engaging with it, and responding to the cultural and social changes it produces. Between 2017 and 2021, the Canada Council will invest $88.5M through this Fund". Click here for more information about the Fund. 

Prism Prize, an annual awards organization that recognizes excellence in music video production, is able to extend its Music Video Production Funding (MVP) project due to a remarkable donation by the RBC Foundation. $900,000 will be donated over three years to ensure the collaboration between emerging musicians and filmmakers can continue to thrive, and perhaps reach a new level of experimentation and connection. Such a donation certainly strengthens the artistic network between musicians and filmmakers. There are some really great music videos being made here in Saskatchewan, too, so hopefully some that funding can reach artists here; I mean, have you seen this psychedelic music video by Regina's Wolf Willow?! There have only been two rounds of funding since 2018, with a third round being announced towards the end of summer. Stay tuned, folks!   


Call-outs and Grants



  • Long Days Night Music Fest in Swift Current | Dehli 2 Dublin, The Sadies, The Garry's & more | June 20 | Details
  • Gordon Tootoosis Nikiwanin Theatre | Two Indians | May 30 - June 9 | Info
  • Art Camp | Art Gallery of Swift Current | July 8 | Details  
  • Charity Village is offering three free webinars during June, on building trust, on leadership, and on joining a board.
  • Kids Camps offered by the U of S | Details     

*If you have an event that you want to share online Planet S and Prairie Dog gratuitously allow you to upload your event to their calendar.


 Career Opportunities

  • Creative Saskatchewan | Program Co-coordinator | June 7 | Details
  • Regina Music Festival Association | Production Manager | June 30 | Details
  • Persephone Theatre | General Manager | July 31 | Details

Saskatchewan Arts Alliance Board of Directors

Kathryn Ricketts – President
James Hodges – Vice President 
Risa Payant – Treasurer
Daniel Parr – Secretary
Kelley Jo Burke – Past President
Mary Blackstone – Member at Large
Will Brooks – Member at Large
Colin McFadyen – Member at Large
Karen Reynaud – Member at Large

The Saskatchewan Arts Alliance is a non-profit coalition of arts organizations that provides a collective voice for the arts in Saskatchewan. Established in 1984, SAA advocates on issues such as public funding of the arts, freedom of expression and artists’ working conditions